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DJ equipment for beginners: How to make your first mix at the home party a success

Thanks to music streaming services, you can easily create your own playlists and share them with your friends and the world. If you want to go one step further, you can try your hand at DJing and create your own mixes, whether for hip-hop or electro. And thanks to modern DJ accessories like DJ mixers, DJ controllers, DJ CD players, you can do it without a turn table, record collection or analogue mixer.

What do you need to create that DJ magic at home?

After a few searches on the internet, it quickly becomes clear that there is no one approach. Some swear by the combination of laptop, DJ controller and DJ software, while others recommend that you only use the latter for the time being. A tip that should not be underestimated, but is often not taken into account: Don't start with too many technical gadgets and lose yourself for hours in researching the best DJ mixer, DJ controller or DJ headphones.

The following DJ equipment is recommended for beginners:

  • Notebook or tablet (even smartphones are suitable to start with)
  • Headphones (preferably circumaural and with good external sound attenuation)
  • Loudspeaker system (preferably with Bluetooth, input for microphone, input for feed player (also analogue)
  • DJ software or compact mixer with a crossfader

Which DJ software is the right one?

DJ apps like Serato, TRAKTOR or VirtualDJ are the big players for many. The best thing for beginners and newcomers is: Almost every developer offers a free (albeit slimmed down) demo version. The range of functions is similar to that of analogue devices such as 2-channel mixers but as digital mixers.

Which DJ controller is worth recommending?

DJ controllers are recommended, for example with 1 to 2 "decks" and an integrated DJ mixer. In the DJ scene, Pioneer is appreciated for its high-quality controllers and DJ mixers.

What does a mixing console do?

A mixing console - also called a sound mixer, sound desk, mixer or console - is used to combine sound signals from different sources (e.g. microphones, players or DJ CD players). For stereo mixes, for example, all signals present at the mixing console are merged into the stereo channels "left" and "right" (i.e. 2 channels).

Audio mixers are available in analogue mixer, digital mixer and power mixer versions.

How do I mix the music at the home party?

If you ask professional DJs about the basics of becoming a good DJ, the answer is usually unanimous: Technology like a PA system is important, but not everything. What counts most are passion and music know-how. As an exercise, you could, for example, analyse your favourite songs. Which genres can they be divided into, such as hip-hop or techno? When do hooks, choruses and instrumentals come in and at what point could you form them into a coherent mix? In short, you should know your songs well so that you can convey your message and create a mood in the listeners.

Even if you have no previous experience in DJing or mixing music, you can create cool beats with a few tricks and the right equipment to get your guests in the right mood. For example, you can use DJ apps to mix tracks directly on your smartphone or tablet and create smooth transitions and your own sounds.

Where can you find DJ sets for your next home party?

There are many websites and apps where you can buy or stream songs. The first step is to browse the free music streaming services, where millions of available songs are waiting for you. What's also very helpful: In-app features like "RADAR" and "New Releases" (both Spotify) or "My Mix" (TIDAL) help you find new releases for your first set.

Turn up the volume: it's all about the right technology!

You don't necessarily need a high-end system for your first DJ set at a home party. Instead, it's worthwhile for beginners to take a look at fully active, modular loudspeaker systems such as our POWER HIFI or our ROCKSTER series. The robust Bluetooth speakers play at up to 121 dB and have an integrated DJ mixer with tone control. The carrying handles and included wheels (only for ROCKSTER) provide the necessary mobility.

Teufel & Pioneer

High quality is important to us, which is why Teufel recommends selected partners such as Pioneer DJ, for technically excellent interaction between all components.

  • With the XDJ-700 digital player from Pioneer, you can play your tracks in perfect sync and wow your audience with a host of performance features.
  • With the 2-channel DDJ-400 DJ controller from Pioneer, it's extremely easy to fire off your mixes and heat up the atmosphere.
  • The portable Pioneer XDJ-RR all-in-one DJ system turns you into a serious music purveyor with high standards.
  • With the Pioneer DJM-250MK2 DJ mixer, you can mix and scratch intuitively while enjoying the highest sound quality.

Conclusion -  what you should look out for with the DJ equipment

DJ equipment for beginners consists of a notebook, (free) DJ software, headphones and a speaker system. If you don't have a notebook, you can use DJ apps to DJ virtually via smartphone and tablet. DJ software and real turntables can be overwhelming at first, so practice patiently and improve gradually. If you have bought songs or streamed them via a licensed provider, you are legally protected for private gigs.

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