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PC Lautsprecher 5.1
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12 Products

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You've always wanted to know what's behind the terms and designations of the audio world? Then take a look at our audio glossary. Here you will find a short and concise explanation of, for example, bi-amping, bi-wiring, impedance and ohms.

Surround Sound speakers for gaming

Dive into the immersive world of gaming with our top-notch surround sound speaker sets! Designed specifically for gamers, these high-quality speaker systems take your gaming experience to a whole new level. Get ready to feel every explosion, hear every whisper, and immerse yourself in a 360-degree audio environment that'll leave you at the edge of your seat. Explore our carefully curated collection featuring top quality systems and bundles, ensuring a perfect match for your gaming setup. Elevate your gameplay and never miss a beat with our exceptional surround sound speaker sets for gaming – your ultimate audio upgrade.

Why do I need Surround Sound for my gaming setup?

Surround sound is crucial in gaming as it elevates the overall experience by providing immersive audio. It helps gamers pinpoint in-game sounds, such as footsteps, gunfire, and other directional cues, giving them a competitive edge. By accurately recreating the game's environment through multi-directional speakers, surround sound speaker sets create a more realistic and engaging gaming atmosphere. This enhanced audio quality not only improves gameplay but also adds depth to storytelling, making players feel more connected to the game world. Investing in a surround sound speaker set for gaming is a game-changer, delivering an unparalleled audio experience that truly brings games to life

One unit - many connection options

Connect your CONCEPT E 450 DIGITAL to your PC via USB. (You can download a suitable driver for Windows® from our support section).
Via LINE IN you can connect your PC with 5.1 sound card, a DecoderStation or ControlStation using 3 stereo cables "RCA to AUX" or "Aux to AUX."
It is also possible to connect a Blu-ray player or Smart TV via DIGITAL IN OPTICAL using an optical cable (TOSLINK connector) or a coax cable.
Your satellite receiver can be connected to DIGITAL IN COAXIAL using an RCA cable or an optical cable.
You can connect your MP3 player via ANALOG IN using a stereo cable "Cinch to 3.5 mm."No matter what you want to connect, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox 360, TV, DVD player, Blu-ray player, smartphone, PC, MAC, notebook, CD player or MP3 player: Everything fits.Connect the Wii and Wii U with ease via an externally available adapter.Thanks to Bluetooth with aptX codec, streaming your favorite music via Spotify and other streaming services is also easy.What's more, the active subwoofer fits under your desk despite its large size, because its height has been standardized and its depth corresponds to that of a standard Ikea shelf.As a direct seller, we guarantee you the finest sound at the best price for our multiple award-winning test winners.

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