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K&M AC 6001 Flex stand (pair)

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Color: Black
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Why we love this product

High quality is important to us, which is why Teufel recommends select accessories from partners such as König & Meyer for technically impeccable coordination between all components. This stand has flexibly adjustable height, which means you can put your Consono 25 or EFFEKT rear speakers at whatever height and position they need to be to optimize your audio setup.

Key advantages at a glance

  • HIFI class stand compatible exclusively with the EFFEKT wireless speakers and CONSONO 25 (CS 25 FCR) home cinema satellites
  • Sturdy, high-quality construction made of powder coated metal
  • Height can be adjusted between 8 positions in 5-cm increments, ranging from 79.5 cm to 119.5 cm
  • CS 25 FCR speaker cable or EFFEKT power cable can be threaded through stand
  • Includes: two stands; Color variants: white/black
Speakers not included


K&M AC 6001 Flex stand (pair)

  • Description Item
    Width 22 cm
    Depth 24 cm
    Weight 9.6 kg
  • Description Item
    Total height from/to 79,5 - 119,5 cm



Included components

K&M AC 6001 Flex stand (pair)
Speakers not included