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Cinebase Streaming

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Cinedeck - black - Front Angled

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Soundbase Cinebase

Why we love this product

With the Cinebase Streaming, you can be sure to cover all bases of great television, movie, and gaming sound along with outstanding music playback. Stream high-quality music from your personal music library, music streaming services, or Internet radio with the Raumfeld Connector. The best part? Get all this for less than the price of buying the individual components.

Soundbase Cinebase

Key advantages at a glance

  • Plug-and-play bundle comprised of the Cinebase and Teufel Connector
  • Streaming options: wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection
  • Cinebase is an elite TV sound deck that is suitable for any TV and supports HDMI/CEC
  • The Raumfeld Connector is a network player that offers the best sound in its class
  • Integrated Chromecast offers streaming from hundreds of services such as TIDAL, Spotify Connect and TuneIn
  • Supports Android and iOS streaming, home networks, USB storage devices, DLNA, UPnP
  • Cinebase uses Sonic Emotion™ technology for a 3D, crystal-clear surround sound throughout the whole room
  • All-in-one: No need to purchase an amplifier or A/V receiver
(4.78 of 5 out of 9)
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Sonic Emotion™ Absolute 3D technology

Sonic Emotion™ Absolute 3D is a technology originally developed for professional audio that uses patented software and a DSP unit to create an extremely enveloping surround sound with exceptional spatial depth. Unlike other technologies, Sonic Emotion™ Absolute 3D doesn’t simply employ psychoacoustics to create the illusion of surround sound, it optimises a speaker's drivers so that they produce an authentically enveloping sound throughout the entire room, no matter where you sit.
Sonic Emotion
Soundbase Cinebase Teufel Sonic Emotion

The highlights of Sonic Emotion™ Absolute 3D

  • Best reproduction properties independent of the listening position in the room
  • Precise sound localisation even when the speaker installation is not optimal
  • Very high, distortion-free levels with maximum speech intelligibility
  • Deep, high-precision bass for a crisp reproduction even without an external subwoofer

Advantages compared to similar 5.1 systems

The Cinebase offers an excellent alternative to other cumbersome 5.1 units. The Cinebase puts an end to annoying cable clutter - the device only requires one HDMI cable to be connected to the TV set and is then immediately ready to use.

Soundbase Cinebase Teufel Sonic Emotion
① Standard 5.1 system

A 5.1 system with six separate speakers at the same price as the Cinebase may only offer optimal sound quality in certain spaces where all sound events can be precisely located, if the installation is not optimal and the room acoustics are unfavourable.

② With Sonic Emotion 3D

Sonic Emotion 3D technology enables a very broad, spacious sound stage through the skillful simultaneous and delayed control of a total of six drivers in a cinematic environment. An optimal sound quality, and thus a good location of sound events, is achieved at several points in the room.

Easy installation

Connect the Cinebase to your televsision with an HDMI cable, plug it in and voila: your home cinema sound system is up and running! You won’t need to worry about additional devices like an amplifier, A/V receiver or subwoofer.

Place the Cinebase on a low- or highboard, put your television on top of it and you’re done. The Cinebase doesn't even need to be positioned centrally relative to the listener/viewer and requires no additional subwoofer. Made from sound optimising and extremely robust MDF wood, it can easily handle the weight of even heavier televisions.

Teufel Soundbase Cinebase
Teufel Soundbase Cinebase 2
Soundbase Cinebase Teufel

    Wireless music playback with Bluetooth

    Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX codec enables the wireless transmission of audio files free from unwanted interference. You’ll enjoy clear, CD-quality playback. Simply activate Bluetooth and all of the audio files stored on your smarphone, tablet, PC or Mac can be played back effortlessly on the Cinebase. Bluetooth can also be used to stream audio from Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, Apps, games, etc.



    Stream from your iPhone, iPad or iPod with the latest Bluetooth technology.


    It is also easy to connect to Android smartphones and tablets.

    Mac OS, PC and Linux

    You can of course also stream music and videos wirelessly from these systems.

    Connection options

    You can easily connect to TV sets, DVD or Blu-ray players and MP3 players/iPod via an HDMI input, HDMI output or digital and analogue inputs. The aptX codec ensures high-quality, perfect sound transmission.

    NFC (Near Field Communication) allows the Cinebase to easily connect to a smartphone. Simply hold your smartphone to the Cinebase, connect, and you are ready to go. Pairing devices is quick and easy, and no password is required.

    Soundbase Cinebase Teufel Anschlüsse 1

    Supports all formats

    The Cinebase decodes DTS and Dolby Digital and comes with decoders for Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Pro Logic II. This means that it can be used with any stereo or surround sound format.

    Control all with one remote

    The Cinebase can be operated with either the remote that is included with delivery or your own TV remote. The best part is that you won’t need to first programme the device or go through a time-consuming set-up procedure.

    Soundbase Cinebase Teufel 2
    Soundbase Cinebase Teufel

    Two jet subwoofers for powerful Teufel sound

    The Cinebase is the most powerful sound deck on the market. Four full-range front-firing drivers with tremendous lift capability ensure high, distortion-free levels and rich, full sound reproduction even at low volumes. Two full-range drivers mounted on either side produce a very wide stereo sound stage with outstanding spatial depth as with full-size floorstanding speakers.

    Two extra large 130 mm woofers using Teufel's proprietary Air Stream Bass Technology make an external subwoofer superfluous. Together, they create enthralling deep bass playback powerful enough to endow action movies with an edge-of-your-seat thrill factor.

    An integrated Class-D amplifier with 257 Watts maximum power output generates extremely low-noise dynamic playback.

    • Soundbase Cinebase Teufel
    • Cinebase - Subwoofer

    Wi-Fi network player

    The Teufel Connector is a high-performance network audio player that uses Wi-Fi to stream even high resolution files like FLAC and WAV. Attached to your stereo or home cinema system, the Connector gives you access to a world of music from the cloud or your own home network. Stream from popular music services like Spotify and SoundCloud as well as thousands of web radio stations or the music stored on your smartphone or NAS. The free Teufel Raumfeld app makes it easy to control playback, set favourites and discover new artists.
    Teufel Connector WLAN Streaming

    Hi-Fi streaming

    With Teufel Streaming, you can listen to millions of songs from the libraries of Spotify and other streaming platforms and control everything via the Teufel Raumfeld App on your smartphone. Sound is transmitted in CD-like quality and no additional amplifiers or AV receivers are needed. All Wi-Fi speakers are developed here in Berlin by our acoustic experts.

    Music from every source

    Teufel Streaming lets you listen to music from streaming services like Spotify, Napster or TIDAL and your own music collection. All popular audio formats are supported. You can even connect your record player.

    Our multi-room speakers offer more music services, Internet radio stations and podcasts than almost any other system.

    Einer der beliebtesten Streaming-Dienste mit Millionen Songs. Datenraten von bis zu 320 kbps (fast CD-Qualität).
    Der Streaming-Dienst aus San Francisco. Höre über 100.000 lokale und internationale Radiosender kostenlos mit Datenraten von bis zu 128 kbps (FM-Radio Qualität).
    Streame Millionen Songs in verlustfreier Qualität und mit Datenraten von bis zu 1411 kbps (echte CD-Qualität).
    Einer der ältesten Streaming-Dienste überhaupt. Streame Millionen Songs, Playlisten, Hörbücher und Podcasts mit bis zu 192 kbps.
    Streame Millionen Songs in verlustfreier Qualität und mit Datenraten von bis zu 1411 kbps (echte CD-Qualität).
    Chromecast built-in
    Beinhaltet einen CD-Player zum Abspielen von CDs, CD-Rs und CR-RWs.
    Verfügt über einen Schallplattenanschluss.
    TV Sound
    Musik kann im Netzwerk oder auf dem Smartphone gespeichert werden und wird auf das Gerät kabellos gestreamt.

    Browse your digital music collection, create playlists for any occasion, or save your favourites. Adjust the volume and use the equaliser to adjust the sound of each speaker or set a countdown for the sleep timer. Manage all your Teufel Streaming speakers in multi-room. Everything is only a tap away with the Teufel Raumfeld app.

    Included components

    • 1× Remote control for Cinebase
    • 1× Power Cable for Cinebase
    • 1× Cinebase
    • 1× power adapter
    • 1× Ethernet cable 2m
    • 1× Teufel Connector
    Cinebase Streaming - Outline [SVG]


    • Teufel WLAN Streaming

      Teufel Connector

      Ultra high-performance network player equipped with a high-performance digital/analogue converter from Cirrus Logic ™. Stream music from the internet and play it back on your existing hi-fi system using the free Raumfeld App.

      • Description Item
        Width 17.20 cm
        Weight 0.29 kg
        Height 2.80 cm
        Depth 12.70 cm
      • Description Item
        Cinch output stereo 1
        Digital outputs optical 1
        Cinch input stereo 1
        LAN Yes
        LAN Yes
        USB 2.0 Yes
        Wifi Yes
        Wifi Yes
      • Description Item
        AAC Yes
        Apple Lossless Yes
        FLAC Yes
        MP3 Yes
        OGG Yes
        Miscellaneous Supports gapless playback
        WAV Yes
      • Description Item
        Internet radio Yes
        Sleeptimer Yes
      • Description Item
        Power supply voltage 230 volts
        Automatic on/off Yes
        Standby-Function Yes
        Multi-room Yes
        10/100-Mbit/s Ethernet Yes
        Infrastructure mode Yes
        WLAN Standards 802.11b/g/n
        WIFI encryption WPA, WPA2
        Maximum number of items 150.000
      • Description Item
        Chromecast Yes
        SoundCloud Yes
        Spotify Yes
        TIDAL Yes
        napster Yes
        tunein Yes
      Cinebase - Front Angled


      A plug-and-play high-end sound base that delivers the best sound in its class. Thanks to Sonic Emotion 3D technology, this sound can be appreciated in every listening position in the room.

      • Description Item
        Width 73.00 cm
        Weight 11.70 kg
        Height 11.00 cm
        Depth 41.00 cm
      • Description Item
        AUX Yes
        Analogue inputs 1
        Cinch input stereo 1
        Digital inputs optical 1
        Bluetooth 4.0
        Bluetooth Yes
        NFC Yes
        HDMI Version 1.4b
        Miscellaneous ARC, CEC
        Video outputs - HDMI Yes
        HDMI Version 1.4b
        Video inputs- HDMI Yes
      • Description Item
        sonic emotion Yes
        DTS Yes
        Dolby Digital Yes
        Dolby Pro Logic II Yes
        Dolby Pro Logic Yes
        Dolby Virtual Speaker Yes
      • Description Item
        Integrated DD/dts/PLII-Decoder Yes
        Integrated DSP Yes
        Remote control Infrared
        Power supply voltage 230 volts
        Automatic on/off Yes
        Maximum power consumption 320 watt
        Mains cable - IEC connector (non-heating device) Yes
        Safety class 2
        Fuse Yes
        Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
        Standby-Function Yes
        Standby-Power consumption 0.40 watt
        Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 20 W
        Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Bass 80 W
        Power output capacity impulse (peak) Satellite 25 W
        Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 130 W
        Amplifier configuration 6.1
        Amplifier technology Class D
        Amplifier channels 7
      • Description Item
        Acoustic principle 2-Way-System
        Enclosure type Bass reflex
        Enclosure material MDF wood
        Enclosure surface Laminate
        Net internal volume 11,3 Litres
        Broadband loudspeakers (number per enclosure) 6
        Broadband loudspeakers (diameter) 70.00 mm
        Broadband loudspeakers (material) Cellulose, coated
        Woofer (number per enclosure) 2
        Woofer (diameter) 130.00 mm
        Woofer (material) Cellulose, coated
        Frequency range from/to 42 - 20000 Hz
        Maximum sound pressure level 102 dB/1m

    Expert reviews

    Product Ratings
    (4.78 of 5 out of 9)
    Worth the money...
    Easy installation, very good sound. good device. What I am missing is an indicator... which input is on. What Teufel was thinking with the remote control would interest me, it absolutely does not deserve the name Teufel. (a real glump)
    Sound tob Remote control flopp
    The sound, the set-up is simple and straightforward. The device is top processed. Unfortunately, the remote control is the exact opposite, the sensor only covers a small area, which would seem to be saved on, and the processing of the remote control is also rather cheap.
    Everything top as described *****
    Everything top as described *****
    (automatically translated *)
    Everything is fine
    After the purchase connected, everything worked out at first go. I had difficulties connecting with the streaming adapter. After that had been overcome, the sound test came. In the beginning I was a bit disappointed, but after choosing the right music, the sound came across really well. The setting options are not many, but it is enough. The app might be even better, he didn't want to read my NAS with Upnp. After I have configured it directly via network address, this also works.
    Very good
    The device ishrt!
    (automatically translated *)
    Very nice part
    Have the Cinebase now for almost 2 weeks, must say typical Teufel. Very good workmanship and super sound, does exactly what I bought you for. The three Sonic sound settings, which can be adjusted via remote control, are real hammers. For everyone who like me would like to do without cable clutter, Cinebase is on the right side. Also the streaming works great for me. From me a clear purchase recommendation.
    Delivery was very fast and the first impression of packaging and presentation was excellent. The commissioning was also fast and problem-free thanks to the very understandable menu navigation. The result is simply convincing. In short: highly recommended!
    Simply outstanding
    I have the Cinebase now 2 weeks in operation and it is simply incredible what comes out of the device. It is massive and dramatically improves the sound. I tested it with movies, music and normal cable TV. Everything sounds very ingenious. The connection with an HDMI cable was simple and sounds excellent. At high volume, the sofa and floor vibrate. I only tried it for a short time because my room is not so big and the walls are thin. It's easy to sound the whole house. Even via analog via chinch to laptop works flawlessly. I can only recommend this sound deck to anyone who likes good sound and has a TV that fits on the deck. Televisions with a stand are particularly recommended here, as the television can be placed well in the middle.
    With the BoomsterXL like 4.1
    So I unpacked the soundbar and was already overwhelmed by the design and the size really good. After that came the audition as you know of teufe not without the 3 sonic settings really cool then I connected my boomster xl of teufel and both zsm let run that sounds really fat like 4.1 I would almost say: D just comes to the right position on really cool thing it tunes the mittleöner and och töner for the boomster better with and both complement each other right genially like to buy back there . as next determined the rockster ;D lg alex continue so teuf the next ;D lg alex so teuf I have connected my boomster xl of teufel and both run zsm that sounds really fat like 4.1 I would almost say: D comes to the right position on really cool thing it tunes the mittleöner and och töner for the boomster better with and both complement each other right genially like to buy back there . next determined the rockster ;D lg the alex
    * Automatically translated by DeepL